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Preparing for Your Outdoor Garden Furniture Delivery

So, you have ordered some furniture and have been given a delivery date for next week. What you need to do is prepare for this delivery prior to it arriving to make life so much easier on yourself.

Preparation before Delivery
Some of the things that you will need to prepare for are the following:
1. Delivery restrictions – Are there any delivery restrictions that the carrier should know about? E.g. parking/unloading restrictions

Are there any low bridges in your area?

Are there any small narrow single file lanes around your property?

If any of the above is true, then you should put this into writing to the store/shop/person that you have ordered the furniture from. The reason for this is that if there are issues and the carrier is unaware of them, there can be a potential for a “failed delivery” charge that is usually passed onto the end user, so make sure that you cover yourself and give enough notice about any issues.

2. Accesses to your property – Many furniture companies only offer what is known as a “kerb side delivery” which generally means that the carrier will unload the goods to the front of your property.

This is usually a single man delivery, so ensure that you can have somebody to help you unpack/check/move your new furniture to the desired location.

Also note that sometimes, the driver can help unpack/move the goods but this is down to the driver’s digression.
You usually have to pay extra to have a “2 man delivery/Room of choice delivery/White glove delivery” where by the carrier is insured to deliver onto your property.

3. Spatial awareness – Now that you have ordered your new furniture and the delivery is on its way, are you able to get the furniture through any doorways/hall/passages etc etc?
Many a times have I spoken to people who have brought large ticket items only to find that they cannot fit it through the front door or up the stair ways upon arrival and have had to take drastic measures like taking out the front window (looking at you Dad).

However, let’s say you have already measured up and can get the furniture into your home, have you made room for the new furniture; I.e. removed the old furniture?

The last thing that you want is to be stumbling around other items that will be getting in the way.
Delivery Aftermath
Now that your furniture has arrived, you will need to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. Make sure that you check all packages while the driver is still on site and only sign for it once you have checked it.
Things to look for:
1. Missing items – Any missing items should be noted on the delivery note and then followed up with an email to the place/person that you purchased the furniture from.

2. Damaged/defective items – Now this may take more time and if at this point you cannot see any issues you can sign for the good but also make a note on the delivery note “Unchecked”. Then you can thoroughly check the furniture for any damaged/defects and if anything is found take images and report them to the place that you brought the furniture from via email.

3. Packaging – This has to be 1 of the most important parts. Never throw away the packaging until you are 100% satisfied with the goods. If there are any issues or if you are unhappy with the purchase and you are looking to return the goods, you will be asked to package the furniture into the original packaging.

Without the original packaging, the store can charge you for this “packaging service” which can leave you out of pocket.
Remember: Make sure that any and all correspondence is in writing. If you call the store make sure you follow it up with an email as to what has been said during the phone conversations.Read more at  Rattan Sun Lounger.

On another note, if your Outdoor Garden Furniture arrives in perfect condition and you are satisfied with it, take some nice high quality images and email them to the place you brought the Outdoor Garden Furniture from as they will appreciate the effort you have gone to send over some images.
They might even be able to offer you a special discount code.


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